Mystara LWA 2014

Those who claim to lead

how my first adventure unfolded

As i arrive in Threshold with the traveling circus i went to meet an old friend only to find out he was ill like most of the town was. As we talked he told me that he believes the this illness was the work of an evil wizard that has moved in to the old castle, and his son the page of a knight was heard that his master known people how were looking in to this and was going to join up with them. So an idea pop in to my head if i can meet with then i could help my old friend after so more talk his son came home and as i told him what i wanted to do he lead me to his master. As i talked with this knight all he cared about was if i will become his loyal worker not why i wanted to go, be he was good as nobles go.

As we waited for the rest of his group to return they came back bloody and bated this shocked me because they say that a kolbold did this to them, but after put the knocked out friend in the church to be healed they came back to the pub and the elf that looked like he had more the a stick up his arse was buying the rounds so i liked him more then the knight at this point that way i remembered his name Sir Tallift.

After the night sleep Sir Tallift bought me some armor then we all set of to the cave up north i was sacred and thrilled at the same time after living most of my life in the circus this was a real adventure and as we got close to the cave the half-orc spotted three kolbolds guarding the cave i think his name was Alexander strange named for a orc but as he pointed them out we the two lord for it was best to attack quickly so i thrown my daggers at one one of then hit the other went missing and we made in to the cave.

Now this is were this get wired undead attack us, kolbolds attack us as we work are way though this maze of death i want to leave and rest up and Bertold Kyn agrees but we carry on because the lords say so we free a women along the way and take a kolbold hostage the women has a faith healer and help with are wounds and the kolbold was not vary helpful so the healer when back to town to tell the people what is going on and the kolbold was killed.
the knight was not happy about us letting the healer leave but could do nothing about it.

As we went in deeper more undead attack this time Alexander fell in battle but we found so weapons, but tallift said not to use them until he finds out what they do but the pig head knight dose not listen and use it. we go deeper and deeper and fight some rats and more of these sickly kolbolds but the real danger was from a stray arrow from Bertold to my arse i will not sit right for days. Then we see a room with nothing in it as the knight steps in a magical black wall blocked are way and face appeared and asked a question he failed to answer correctly and lost it all.

Now at is point we are all bated and tired or knocked out like poor old Alexander but we carry on like the knight wanted to but at this point a change comes over him he seems more blood thirsty and less damaged the i thought he was but it my just be me.
as we move forward we attack more kolbolds but as the knight is blocked by the bug the powerful mage Tallift commands he kills it to just get at these Kolbolds but is stab in the neck by one and drops now the blood thirsty knight is down. we should have went back but nobles lead by never listen. as the Kolbold are after the rest of us as we fight, knowing we my all die i jump out and throw my last to daggers at one hoping it will kill it but it didn’t even slow it down and then darkness……………………..
WHY didn’t we just leave? dame nobles



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