Mystara LWA 2014

finally almost half wit free

no slippy daggers

so after bring the halfling to the healers we head back to the cave better prepared for the fight as we get to the ave 3 of the rats stand guard we quickly kill them this is much more easy the the last one we go in turn out there is undead i cast a powerful spell making the knight not able to be harmed by the deaded things, as we go deaper this is not as it seems the stone becomes worked, about an hour later we get a life rat thing it tells us all it knows.

we find a long sword and dagger something very odd about them i tell the group not to use them till i now more about what magic they hide but the knight if u can call him that as he no longer has any lands of men used the sword he became more blood raged i see the sword is not mean for the weak willed but as my magic is all but use up i can not act at the moment the sword is elven of sorts will find out where it is from

that was something i would not like to do every day with only me and my friend life standing make what i do next easy i get rid of the blood rage sword and dagger these thing must not be used by the weak willed (half man, human, orc or beast) the knight will most likely come looking from them but the river is fast he have to live with out the blood rage and he need to learn that is he is to retake his lands he will need powerful people like me.
next stop freeing the kids but need to find away of breaking magic locks :/



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