Mystara LWA 2014

finally almost half wit free
no slippy daggers

so after bring the halfling to the healers we head back to the cave better prepared for the fight as we get to the ave 3 of the rats stand guard we quickly kill them this is much more easy the the last one we go in turn out there is undead i cast a powerful spell making the knight not able to be harmed by the deaded things, as we go deaper this is not as it seems the stone becomes worked, about an hour later we get a life rat thing it tells us all it knows.

we find a long sword and dagger something very odd about them i tell the group not to use them till i now more about what magic they hide but the knight if u can call him that as he no longer has any lands of men used the sword he became more blood raged i see the sword is not mean for the weak willed but as my magic is all but use up i can not act at the moment the sword is elven of sorts will find out where it is from

that was something i would not like to do every day with only me and my friend life standing make what i do next easy i get rid of the blood rage sword and dagger these thing must not be used by the weak willed (half man, human, orc or beast) the knight will most likely come looking from them but the river is fast he have to live with out the blood rage and he need to learn that is he is to retake his lands he will need powerful people like me.
next stop freeing the kids but need to find away of breaking magic locks :/

Those who claim to lead
how my first adventure unfolded

As i arrive in Threshold with the traveling circus i went to meet an old friend only to find out he was ill like most of the town was. As we talked he told me that he believes the this illness was the work of an evil wizard that has moved in to the old castle, and his son the page of a knight was heard that his master known people how were looking in to this and was going to join up with them. So an idea pop in to my head if i can meet with then i could help my old friend after so more talk his son came home and as i told him what i wanted to do he lead me to his master. As i talked with this knight all he cared about was if i will become his loyal worker not why i wanted to go, be he was good as nobles go.

As we waited for the rest of his group to return they came back bloody and bated this shocked me because they say that a kolbold did this to them, but after put the knocked out friend in the church to be healed they came back to the pub and the elf that looked like he had more the a stick up his arse was buying the rounds so i liked him more then the knight at this point that way i remembered his name Sir Tallift.

After the night sleep Sir Tallift bought me some armor then we all set of to the cave up north i was sacred and thrilled at the same time after living most of my life in the circus this was a real adventure and as we got close to the cave the half-orc spotted three kolbolds guarding the cave i think his name was Alexander strange named for a orc but as he pointed them out we the two lord for it was best to attack quickly so i thrown my daggers at one one of then hit the other went missing and we made in to the cave.

Now this is were this get wired undead attack us, kolbolds attack us as we work are way though this maze of death i want to leave and rest up and Bertold Kyn agrees but we carry on because the lords say so we free a women along the way and take a kolbold hostage the women has a faith healer and help with are wounds and the kolbold was not vary helpful so the healer when back to town to tell the people what is going on and the kolbold was killed.
the knight was not happy about us letting the healer leave but could do nothing about it.

As we went in deeper more undead attack this time Alexander fell in battle but we found so weapons, but tallift said not to use them until he finds out what they do but the pig head knight dose not listen and use it. we go deeper and deeper and fight some rats and more of these sickly kolbolds but the real danger was from a stray arrow from Bertold to my arse i will not sit right for days. Then we see a room with nothing in it as the knight steps in a magical black wall blocked are way and face appeared and asked a question he failed to answer correctly and lost it all.

Now at is point we are all bated and tired or knocked out like poor old Alexander but we carry on like the knight wanted to but at this point a change comes over him he seems more blood thirsty and less damaged the i thought he was but it my just be me.
as we move forward we attack more kolbolds but as the knight is blocked by the bug the powerful mage Tallift commands he kills it to just get at these Kolbolds but is stab in the neck by one and drops now the blood thirsty knight is down. we should have went back but nobles lead by never listen. as the Kolbold are after the rest of us as we fight, knowing we my all die i jump out and throw my last to daggers at one hoping it will kill it but it didn’t even slow it down and then darkness……………………..
WHY didn’t we just leave? dame nobles

Of Kings and Kobolds
Bright cities, dark forests and darker caves

- organize group at threshold
- scout ahead with talift
- leave trail for group to follow
- discover kobold camp at castle
- nearly alert camp
- discuss issues arisen once together with group
- return to Threshold for further aid
- receive magical item of protection
- leave to investigate cave
- knocked out cold by dying kobolds rogue arrow
- come back to see dead kobold and injured talift
- encounter large snake
- hobbit injured near death by snake
- return to threshold for treatment.

- to be filled properly in order and complete when proper time given -

Nobles and fools
Hordes of Kabolts

A new day A new quest It seems the baron has sent us on a quest to some castle to help return or kill something. It didn’t take long to get to the castle it had seemed The elf lord has scouted ahead but was nearly found out because of his manservant shouting for him it seems. with the the elf lords eyes he has saw some Kabolts However he said he saw some type of banner which he then draw a picture of and when i saw it I just ……. could not believe it at first. It was the broken (something clan lol i cant remember it’s name) But if I was correct this castle was one of their main outposts and would be hard to sneak in/ force our way in because there would be more then kabolts there it is said that they have nature ally’s to help them if they are attacked by a enemy we should be careful when moving around here for we might fight something we are not ready for and it could mean the end of us. But as I find out what the banner was it seems the elf lord and hobbit went to see the baron and talked about pay and some other stuff however i did get some items from the elf.Then we had went to get our items and lesser human had insulted me calling me names and tried to get me thrown out of the city but I just let him be. Then we had left but this time for the castle but for some caves instead and on the way the hobbit had decide to fucking fish while we had something to do I was not happy in the slightest he did mange to catch some fish hopefully he can cook if not it would been a waste of time. after we had gotten out of the swamp of no return(my little name for it :D) we then had deiced to go the hills of danger where danger lurked be hide a hill but we didn’t know which hill(again a another name for it :D) The elf and hobbit where trying to find a cave they both must be blind we had walked right passed but I had pointed at it and didn’t get a word of thanks from either of them for finding it. we then had entered the cave letting the hobbit and the elf step forward and go on ahead as they think they can handle everything on their own it seems however some time later we had heard a girl screaming only to find out it was the elf had been hit in the face with the hobbit dagger I laughed a little but I had saw the manservant go down he had taken a arrow to the face,should of been to the knee then he could of been a guard.We had killed the kabolt he was a tough one we then had decide to search the place he was at only to find one of the dead soldiers. I don’t know about the others but this might be a secret way or a escape route from the castle as we had gone deeper into the cave only to face a giant snake I had tried to summon my familiar But I had forgotten that the casting of the spell would take some time and then decided to wait for everyone one else to move however as the snake had fell it seemed it had bitten the hobbit in it’s final moment’s to bring something down with it. We then hurried to treat him as he had been poisoned the fool. Now we are back in the city waiting for him and anyone else. (That’s all for now folks tune in for next time)

the half-wit strike's again
cleaning bill

And yet another great day me and the half-wit have talk it out now that he knows his place and now we can work together I step out early morning to go to the bank via a little pub to pick up a little trinket turns out I was too late the bar keep was killed but leaving a clue using my superior elven know how I work it all out and head back to the inn after informing my group we have 3 thing that need doing 1st getting some new cloths 2nd track down the killer 3rd talk to the leader of this place
So my group and I set out as I am the best tracker by far I go ahead with bartold we leave some marking so the halfwits can follow even they can’t mess that up, after a while we see a rat like things sat at a camp fire I being the brave one sneak up to have a close look at the point I get close Berthold shouts “what do u see” at which point I hit the ground and hope they did not hear they didn’t I come back give him a good telling off and go back to the group we head back to town.

Next day we see the leader of this town he is rude dose even ask my name I will teach him I give him a lesson in etiquette after we talked about his problem we talk about and alliance teams of which was agreeable

The next day we set off for some caves we sneak in we see one rat thing should be easy to kill with a well-placed arrow in it back it does not drop o shit then the half-wit takes his shot and living up to his name he slips whacks me in the nose making it bleed that which point I tell the truth about his value to the group well kill the rat thing after bartold takes a shot to the eye he really should be more careful we go in deeper and encounter the large snake I use my magic to kill it but the half-wit was bite he can’t do nothing right fine I save his life lesser things are a pain I order the group back to town.

There and who knows where....A hin's tale
The Lord and the Keep

Lots of applicant’s to come adventuring with me, even that idiot Tallift wanted a job, in exchange for me helping him with his silly quest to take an amulet back to the elven kingdom. I suppose I can make my way that way. After handsomely rewarding the other adventurers upfront our motley crew was summoned back to the castle to see the local Lord, he wanted us to seek out wrongdoings that had occured in a local abandoned keep. Pays well and I managed to get us a magical item out of it as well as 20g cash on completion.

We headed off to the keep with the Elf and his manservant leading the way with some very obscure clues to their route, luckily I managed to spot them all. We encountered Kobolds before deciding to check out the local cave system which the noble had tipped us off for. We explored a cave we found and killed a kobold inside (note to self: remove oil from dagger blades, they become slippery when thrown) Then I was bitten by a venomous snake, the rest became a blur…

Arriving in Threshold, The end of the road
A fine farewell to friend and foe alike

After we defeated the bandits who attempted to ambush us on the road at Windrush we gathered them and tied the survivors together ready for a thorough interrogation, this duty was passed on to the acclaimed thief hunter and his knowledge put to use. The bandits however refused to answer him and let us know if they came alone or if more of their kind awaited us in hiding somewhere further along the roads, a small blade whizzed passed Roberto Longbottom and in what may have been either a perfect shot or a botched attempt of intimidation sliced through the middle sewing of the pants and through the skin hidden underneath, a dreadful fate for any man. Needless to say Fallon Swiftfoot skillful “intimidation” worked and we learned the location of the camp the would be ambushes slept in and decided it should be made our own for the night.

I saddled Glasses on to my horse and secured his unconscious body with some rope and then helped the others do the same with the bandits. We proceeded to the camp and found some minor supplies including food, manacles and a fair bit of rope, I procured a small amount of it and some manacles for myself and left the rest to be shared to whomever wanted it.

As the night began to take over the day another of our companions whom I had all but forgotten about made himself heard and introduced himself as Smatterhorn and unusual gnome blacksmith, Tallift took a quick liking to him though and hit many talents so I shall leave judgement to him for that one. The Gnome along with Roberto Longbottom and Fallon Swiftfoot had all had a consensus to keep these prisoners with us and sell them on, we wanted nothing to do with them and so left it in their hands. The problem arose when the suggestion of night watches arose and with it being the case that Tallift needs a set amount of meditative rest I suggested that the first four hours I would stand watch over the camp whilst ensuring he was undisturbed and the friendly Gildo Marmadas offered himself up as a secondary guard for the captives and the camp alike. Roberto Longbottom and Smatterhorn decided that they would take the second watch and then the final watch would rest on Fallon Swiftfoot and the peculiar creature Alexander.

The Thief capture had one last check up on the prisoners before everyone retired, ensuring they were tied properly and left us to begin our watch. Tallift found himself a spot near the animals against a tree to begin his meditation and I stood by him allowing myself somewhere to sit whilst doing so. Gildo found himself a log near the fire and we began a conversation mostly just bragging about our own personal expertise in combat and such and then he dropped to the floor after making a sort of hushed “guh” noise. My instincts told me to turn for protection, but the conversation and thoughts of a secure area had made me unaware of my surroundings, a fist clubbed the side of my head and the world spun only to be disturbed by a bellowing horn.

When I rose back to my feet the camp had been woken and free blame for escaped prisoners was heaved onto myself and Tallift mostly from the two who wanted to claim gold for the captives. Incompetent was a word used most of the night and arguments of prizes and how we should protect these strangers and their goods more than our own lives, ignoring that Roberto Longbottom had ensured us all that the prisoners had been tied properly and had no means to escape. Why would we ever risk our lives for people we met days prior to the event? absurd. As only an hour had passed and the arguments died down I continued my watch and extended it in to the next groups to ensure Tallift’s safety. After he went back in to meditating I took the rope and manacles in an attempt of creating a make shift warning system, I don’t think it was very good the brambles and trees just would not allow my skills to create anything other than an obvious rope dangling from a tree, I hope the dark disguises it to would be attackers.

The next morning arguments continued, much in the same method as the night. In an attempt to escape it all I went with Glasses on a hunt and secured myself a nice plump rabbit, when I returned to the camp Alexander in an unusually happy mood compared to the recent days since I had met him insisted on cooking some home made stew, I allowed him to use the rabbit for some meat and what ever provisions I had to hand and we broke our fast.

The rest of the day passed pretty uneventful and we made our way to Threshold and found ourselves the most expensive inn money could buy and decided that it would be in our best interests (being myself and Tallift ) to encourage this group of travelers to become companions of us and join us in travel and adventure. When paying for the rooms I noted that the Hobbit Fallon Swiftfoot and his monkey friend had went ahead and slowly and emphatically placed two gold coins onto the counter and bought his own room after seeing us already purchase one for him.

Drinking and fun was had through the night and we discussed friendships and the journey down the kings road with the other travelers. It was unfortunately noted that Fallon would have no part in it and sat alone on the opposite side of the room nearest to the fire. Some time passed and Roberto came and took the two hobbits for a drinking session and some gambling at a casino. We drank some more and was in our rooms asleep before the rest returned.

The next morning the Hobbits rejoined us and informed us of the events of the previous night, The thief hunter was infarct a slaver working as a leader of the bandits that attacked us. He had attempted to poison the monkey who accompanied Fallon Swiftfoot who informed us the only reason of his survival and that of Gildo Marmadas is because his monkey is a familiar and he is in fact a wizard like that of my companion and Alexander an unusual amount of powerful people have joined us this week. We allowed Alexander his freedom with this new evidence showing that Roberto Longbottom was likely the true culprit of the stolen map and the freed bandits.

Myself and Tallift left for the will reading and said our true farewells to Janis and accepted the items he left behind for us. One in particular was a letter that I had to request Tallift read to me and after discovering language we could not understand I suggested requesting the aid of the wizard Fallon Swiftfoot and his knowledge of the world.

After some serious conversation and tedious arguments the letter revealed the story and dangers to the world. We agreed that this needed to be dealt with and agreed to form a group to undergo a great adventure to stop the reign of danger that could come to the world if this hidden group was to release a dragon and obtain the artifact Janis had hidden for us. And so the travelers gathered and we discussed and came to a great understanding that we would group together and venture as a “party” to places unknown and dangers beyond us all.

A new day A new problem
elf's and hobbit's

After we had beaten the bandits we had taken them as prisoners however later that day we had set up camp in their camp and we had set up watches for that night first was my former master(i get into that later) and his manservant with the not so bright hobbit friend on the second was the human and the gnome and on the third was me and the monkey hobbit. on the first it seems the prisoners got away from the elf lord who did nothing it seems but sit there while his manservant looked over like a hunter on it’s prey while they left a hobbit to look after 3 full sized humans. I knew this would not work out from the start but I didn’t really care as they were not my problem so I went back to sleep.Then it was my watch with the hobbit nothing had happened.

When we had gotten into the town of threshhold I think it was called we went straight to the inn it was called the silver dragon or something I was not to happy of the name myself but the food was good and the rooms were nice so I stayed up there all night and worked on my masterpiece which I think could worth a few penny’s but it seems more trouble has happened the hobbits had gone to a pub with the human and it seems the human had died tis a shame he did smell but I liked him for usefulness in combat and talking to others.

As the next day came I became a free man again as the elf let me go to go on this adventure with him and the others and it turned out the hobbit with the monkey can use magic who knew? We also met a new human seems to be a self righteous if you ask me.


And so…. Onward and upward to Threshold we travelled, along with three prisoners. We decided to maintain a night duty to watch for any trouble, and low and behold, I awake to the sound of Tallift blowing his horn to signal that the prisoners had escaped. We could just about make them out in the early morning glowing horizon.

Just what were the night watchmen doing? Lord knows. There are a number of factors to consider… did Roberto the Traitor fail to tie the ropes for the prisoners properly? Or did Gildo and Tallift’s “slaves” merely turn their backs to the prisoners? Will have to keep an eye on that Gildo…

After arriving at Threshold (three days earlier than my caravan), we checked into the Silver Dragon Inn where more arguments took place as to the responsibility of the night watchmen.

Three of our men went to a Casino that night… two came back…

Will be looking for some working opportunities whilst I await my wares and fellow Gnomes on the caravan… Possibly helping an old hag clean out her loft. → £££


Just finish dealing the bandit and 3 are still alive well I want nothing to do with then I will let Roberto have them as he is a thief catcher.

At the camp site I need to rest and a chat with the spirits as always my good friend Berthold watched over me at this time the bandit got away at least am ok I blow my horn to get the other up after all it was them that wanted to bring them into the camp that Fallon just went back to sleep after mumbling he must not of cared about them o well time for a nap

The next day that fucking halfwit talk to me like that his mum and dad must be halfwits to as he has no respect for someone that is so superior to him of course they wasn’t watch the low lives but no worry’s he will end up dead in a gutter at some point as is there way like rats.

Finally in threshold hand over the weapons fine a good inn and I will treat there common rift raft to a good night that should shut them up, o look the little un-grateful rat is sullying by the fire well not going to let him spoil my night I get to know the others like Matterhorn a weapon trader I have offered to help him get into the elven trade as an act of kindness.

Later fallon and gildo return saying Roberto attack him can’t really blame him for that turns out Roberto was indeed a low life betrayer all along human can’t trust them right I will have ti take charge show them how to behave and give there meaningless lives meaning.

The next day got some interesting things from the reading of the will seem my good friend has some enemy’s I will use the group help me out and hopefully bring loyalty in to the group.

Back to the inn I inform the group what we need to do and we have got a new human with us this one doesn’t smell as bad as the others.


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