Welcome to our Mystara 2014 campaign

Welcome to the 2014 Mystara Campaign site. The world setting is based on the original “known world” setting created in the 1984 Mentzer / Cook BECMI Dungeons and Dragons boxed sets. We are however using the Wayfarers ruleset (with some additional house rules) instead of the standard DnD ruleset so hopefully the two will work well together.

I hope to commence the campaign early in the new year (January) so I am looking at a Friday night slot once every two weeks to give a regular gaming session, however giving me a break to formulate my ideas and sort out plans for the next session.

I am not restricting any player classes or characters and although I will be running the game in a free-form style I plan to start with some low level adventures with hooks into larger things which I aim to cumulate in some larger campaigns. I hope that these campaigns should last several years and work towards castle and dominion building, land ownership, mass land battles and hopefully see some of the player characters eventually embarking on quests for immortality. I have big ideas in mind :D

Please check back here on a regular basis for updates.